Beginner Bonsai Class Returns for 2019

Are you interested in learning more about Bonsai?  The Toowoomba Bonsai Group will be offering a workshop to help you keep your precious tree alive and flourishing.

WHEN: Saturday, 2nd March, 2019


WHERE: The Rose Cottage, NEWTOWN PARK, (Corner of Holberton and Pottinger Streets)

Outline of the day...


10.00 am - noon:  Theory session on care and maintenance of bonsai trees.  This will cover soil mixes, fertilizing, trimming, styling, repotting, most suitable species for bonsai, and general care.


12.30 pm – 3.30 pm:  Participants will be given a good quality starter plant which they will work on under supervision.  This session will take you through the basics of styling, shaping and wiring the plant and then on to repotting into a provided bonsai pot.


COST: $50.00


WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING:   Pen and Paper for the morning session.   For the afternoon session, if you have bonsai tools bring them along (mark the tools for identification purposes – a dob of paint or a coloured tape works well).  Some extra tools will be available for the use of people without tools. 


Tea/coffee are provided but you will need to bring your own lunch


FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Ring the Secretary on 0418 710 704


REGISTRATION: Please let us know you are coming by ringing the secretary on the above number. 

Attendees must pre-register by Friday 22 February to be included in the class.

To view our webpage for the 2018 Beginners Class, click here


    External Bonsai events FYI
  • March 16-17, 2019: Bonsai Society of Queensland
  • May 17-19: AABC National Convention (Assoc. of Australian Bonsai Clubs LTD.) Melbourne, VIC
    • Click here for more details​


  • March 2: Beginner's class # 1, full day

  • June 1: Carving Workshop - Safety, hand and power tools, making jins and shari

  • August 17-18: 'Bonsai on the Mountain' - International presenter Boon Manakitivipart (USA) 

  • September 20-22: Annual Bonsai Show, concurrent to the iconic Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

  • November 2: Beginner's Class # 2, Bonsai Design - Spring maintenance and branch placement

  • December 7: Annual General Meeting

Meets 1st Saturday of each month


From: 10 am to 4 pm


At: Rose Cottage, Newtown Park, cnr Holberton and Pottinger St


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