'Carving it up' at the June 2014 Meeting

Demostration of how to use various tools to create the illusion of age - by member Mark

Long standing member Mark demonstrated to the group some of the techniques around carefully creating the illusion of age on trees through the use of sharis and jinsA 'jin' is a bare-stripped part of branch and a 'shari' is a barkless part of trunk. When used effectively, these planned areas of 'dead wood' give the impression of a tree that has lived through and overcome hard times, such as lightning strike or the result of exposure to the elements for considerable time. Very early in the life of a bonsai enthusiast we are told that "every tree MUST tell a story" and the discrete use of dead wood on certain trees help to do this. Mark demonstrated the proper (and safe!) use of both hand tools and power tools to create jins and sharis.  Once again,  we are very spoilt to have experienced members in the club, such as Mark. View the slide show to see what you missed out on! As always, casual visitors are most welcome.... first Saturday of the month at CEDAR Center, Baker Street, Toowoomba.
What makes an effective jin or shari?
Mark explained there were several elements that together make a quality jin or shari. They were:
  • the relation to the focal point of the tree
  • the credibility of the position and the texture
  • the contribution to the tree's silhoutte
  • the colour
Most sharis and jins are created on evergreen trees such as pines and junipers, as deciduous trees often looks unrealistic with them. Deadwood on a deciduous tree would rot away over time. As always, we wish to mimic nature and see a 'natural tree' in front of us.
Trees that were presented or being worked on....
Beginner / tutorial classes and trees in progress... 
August meeting.... What to do with this Chinese Elm??
This elm is ready for a makeover, or even a transformation. In the August meeting, we will be discussing what can be done to add a new lease of life to this tree that has possibly reached it's limits... What would you do??
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