The april Saikei challenge!

For our April meeting, the Toowoomba Bonsai Group embarked on a new concept for the club, thanks to the inspiration of Craig! The task was to create a team landscape or Saikei in just a few hours from start to finish, in order to reinforce that bonsai does not always need to be a long process! Fours captains were coerced, (sorry nominated) and members then joined one of these captains to make up a team. Each team were provided with a tray or wide pot with rocks and a large number of SMALL trees.

Their creative task was to use this basic stock with rocks and other items to 'speed' create an attractive landscape. It was great to see how each group approached the task, worked as a team to create something that was both unique and attractive.

Craig was then able to provide an analysis of each landscape, pointing out positive elements, as well as suggesting ways to improve the planting. He then provided the group a most informative talk on understanding and designing Saikei. He reinforced the notion that bonsai need not be a long drawn out affair, that with just a few hours with simple inexpensive stock, you can create something that is pleasing and impressive.



  • June 1: Carving Workshop - Safety, hand and power tools, making jins and shari

  • August 17-18: 'Bonsai on the Mountain' - International presenter Boon Manakitivipart (USA) 

  • September 20-22: Annual Bonsai Show, concurrent to the iconic Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

  • November 2: Beginner's Class # 2, Bonsai Design - Spring maintenance and branch placement

  • December 7: Annual General Meeting


"Bonsai On The Mountain"

Visiting International Bonsai Artist:
Boon Manakitivipart (USA) 
August 17-18 - Toowoomba City Golf Club
Further details to come...
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