Extreme Restyling for a Juniper

The president of the Toowoomba Bonsai Group had a semicascade juniper that underwent a drastic restyling towards an informal upright style. (Sorry, no pics of the original tree placement) As the tree was having such a drastic repositioning, Mark was careful not to disturb the roots too much as he gently teased them out, rather than heavy pruning. The photos below show the new positioning and the tree being wired in. Without wiring into the pot, this tree would slip over and the roots struggle to take hold and keep their position. Very little will be done now until the tree recovers. We look forward to seeing the development in the coming months.

'Thread grafting' a fig stump - demo 

Below are a series of photos showing a fig that had been trunk chopped and has now developed lots of growth in a single location of the collar. To help develop some branching on the reverse side, we used the 'thread graft' technique to drill through the stump so that the drill exited where the 'new' branch was desired. Then a suitable branch with good slender growth was selected and CAREFULLY threaded through the entry point of the drill, to exit as a new branch! Figs are particularly good for this technique. The entry and exit are coated with cut paste to seal the wounds. The new branch will be cut off when the exit branch has swelled and is gaining nutrients via the trunk, rather than the original thread.

NOTE: Many enthusiasts blend their own potting mixes and some members are including diatomaceous earth, also known as diatomite, as it provides an open mix and good drainage, yet still retains some moisture (see the photo gallery below). HIGHFIELD'S PRODUCE (opposite the Toowoomba Christian College on the road to Highfields) has now ordered in several bags of diatomite sold as 'Kleensorb' which (to our knowledge) is the only local supplier of this product, and at a reasonable price too. Please support this local business. Tell them you heard about it from our website!

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