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This month the club greatly benefited from the expert skill and advice of visiting bonsai artist Averil Stanley. You may recall that Averil was the judge at our 2014 Toowoomba Bonsai Group Annual Show. She also demonstrated at the AABC Convention on the Gold Coast earlier this year. We were treated to some excellent advice during the morning workshops and a fantastic styling demonstration on a small and then larger juniper in the afternoon.... and if you're wondering, yes the large juniper DID cost that much! (see photos). Fortunately you don't have to use expensive trees or stock to enjoy our art.



A bonsai demonstration is an event where an experienced member or visiting demonstrator brings (or is provided with) a tree that is examined, discussed (faults and highlights) and then styled in view of the attendees. Demonstrations can be on large impressive stock trees (as in this case beside), or more 'run of the mill' mundane trees. Both cases show what potential can be realised in the hands of an experienced and talented artist. Often the tree is then kept for a raffle or auctioned off later. Averil brought along this large juniper for the deomonstation below, and we hope to see photos of it at subsequent stylings. 



A bonsai workshop is an event when members pay a small fee to bring their own tree/s for the guest artist to discuss and co-style. This is a time of instruction for the attendees and viewers, with discussions around options and techniques for your tree. However the owner of the tree decides what will be done and the workshop artist aids and directs them.  

The demonstrations begin.....



Some photos of the workshops....

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